Sunday, July 28, 2013

is anybody still out there? a return to creativity

Well I haven't really been missing, just more than a little pre-occupied!!  My inspiration for these bowls was courtesy of my latest paper swap partner, Ines Seidel in Germany.  Ines was kind enough to explain her process to me and of course, I just had to adapt it to my fabric paper technique.  These bowls were formed on balloons, so the bottoms are rounded and not flat.

Kaite's birthday bowl is a combination of tissue, Japanese paper and vintage book pages.  It was my first one and I think it's absolutely lovely.  Very delicate and blue, which we all know is my absolute favourite colour!!

My sister Suzie just visited last weekend, so of course, she needed a new bowl.  This one is very elegant with it's pale pallette. I added bits of vintage dotted netting, a little lace and some cotton yarn.  Absolutely delicious!!!


Another blue one and I'm calling it the exploding bowl!!! I wanted to make a blue bowl for Suzie, but much to my surprise, the balloon burst overnight (I credit the hot, humid weather).  I repaired it as best as I could with cotton yarn, layered it on another balloon (blowing up the new balloon with the bowl resting on the outside) and it split again.  I decided to leave it alone after that!!! I'm actually rather fond of this distressed bowl and have decided to keep it for myself. 

I do have more goodies to show you, but I think this will be it for this evening.  I have a new bowl to start and it's getting late!!  Watch for a new blog post next weekend.  Will it be fabric or paper or beads or dominos??  Only time will tell.........