Saturday, August 31, 2013

swapping paper times three plus a paper bowl

I've been very, very bad for not showing you my last three paper swaps from Brandi in the U.S. and Maria and Ines from Germany. Thank you very much for my goodies! The first set is from Brandi in the U.S.:
The second set was from Maria in Germany:
And the third set, from my bowl making friend, Ines in Germany:
The final photo is a simple bowl I made on a balloon form, out of purple crepe paper and wall paper paste. Of course it looks totally different now, as I've painted the inside and added some simple hand stitches. However, you'll need to wait a bit for those photos as I haven't actually taken them yet. Heh, heh....
I'm very happy to say that I'll be doing yet another of Lawendula's Paper-Swaps at the end of September. I'll hear who I'm swapping with very shortly! On the creative front, I'm still addicted to the bowls, but only have a couple more to show. I've also been playing with paper beads. What have you been up to?

Monday, August 5, 2013

a tale of an obsession gone wild

Bowls, bowls and more bowls.  Do you think that I'm obsessing on the subject?  Well, these are so much fun to do and it seems that I just can't stop.  I actually have one more small one drying and then will leave them alone until I get a swap project finished.  I prefer to left justify my text, but apparently blogger is not allowing me to do it right now, so I'll leave as is.

This blue/green bowl is a lovely, watery colour, but I confess that it's given me a lot of trouble.  I had stitched some free motion trees on a strip of tulle and inserted it into the bowl.  Well the glue medium I was using (wallpaper paste), gummed up the netting in random spots and the only way I could fix it was to cover it up with more tissue paper.  You'll still be able to see shadows of the trees on the inside and I've left the outside as it, for now.  However, I'm not happy about it!  On top of all that, the bowl is a little top heavy and will not sit up straight on it's own.  Not a huge problem, because I tried it with a votive inside and besides looking absolutely spectacular in the candle light, it helps to weigh down the bowl and hold it in place.

It seems that blogger is only going to let me type in HTML now, so my words will be short and sweet! You'll notice the shadows of the trees at the bottom (it was actually a much longer strip). They would have looked lovely, if only I could have figured out how to get the gummy paste out of the holes in the netting. Sigh!

This purple bowl was my first experiment with the wallpaper paste. I used plain crepe paper and the paste. It's perfectly lovely to work with and although I had intended the bowl to be a sample, I carried on and embellished it with purple, acrylic interference paint and simple lines of hand stitching. I think it works! What do you think? It certainly doesn't go in my living room, so I guess this bowl will be banished to the bedroom. LOL!

My favourite little bowl! Formed on the broad end of a wooden egg. Also, this is the first time I've added Washi Tape and a spritz of walnut ink. I didn't have any tiny eggs, but I think the stones look lovely in this little nest.

Three small bowls! The cream one mentioned above and two even smaller ones made on a petite metal bowl that I found on offer in the laundry room, yesterday morning. Yes, I will scrounge if and when I need to for my art. Wouldn't you? The bowls are purely decorative, with the small ones about the size of a tealight. Perfect place for a pair of earrings!

I have an overflowing box of Japanese paper scraps, so more bowls are in the cards for me in the future. Collage is so much fun!! It doesn't need to be bowls as tags, journals, cards, canvas and even bookmarks are fun to work on. Think of it as colouring with paper!!! Fancy papers, old wrapping paper, tissue, magazine pages, candy wrappers, lunch bags, security envelopes and junk mail all work. You may need wrinkle up some of the glossy and firmer papers to soften, but it's all good in the end. Try it, you'll like it!! Thanks, Ines for my latest obsession!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

bracelets and bowls

Well, apparently Blogger is acting up so I can't type anything either right at the top or between the photos.  Sigh!

I simply love my new red bowl!!!!  I used the same construction method as the earlier ones, but just used a larger balloon, added some thread waste and a little more acrylic paint.  Light red interference paint on the inside and  (Golden) and Art Anthology, Sorbet - Dimensional Gel Paint in "Big Dip O' Ruby" on the outside.  I also highlighted the inside with a little of the gel paint.  I think it added dimension!

Now on to my bracelets!  The idea is thanks to the components available at I started out making two bracelets as gifts (no photos of those ones) and liked them so much, I went back the next day for more components.  My pocketbook said ouch! Of course, that wasn't the last trip, but I think I'm basically done for now.

Much more to share, but I think that I'll save it for when Blogger is being a little more co-operative.

Sorry, Beth!  No dominos to share today.....I will certainly get back to them later, but just not now.  LOL!