Sunday, December 30, 2012

bjp 1112 - time flies

They say that time flies, when you're having fun!  Well that's certainly been the case with the 2012 BJP.  I've loved every moment of it!  It's a way to relax after a busy day's work and escape from outside distractions.  On top of that, I get to play with sparklies, immerse myself in memories, solve the problem of which numbers to use, search out unusual objects and thank my friends for giving me stuff. What a fabulous leisure activity! 

Does the colour fit the month?  No, but I felt that I needed to work on something light and airy after the visual weight of my October piece.  A rest, perhaps before setting off on a search for my December finale!

Two vintage buttons from the collection, both glass, but one clear and the other silvered metallic. The numbered button from the family button jar, has been collaged with acrylic gloss medium, a torn calendar number and Japanese paper. A coat of Diamond Glaze was added at the end to add some shine.  This part also includes part of an old 'snap' fastener and some bead and chain from a tacky thrift store necklace.

The flat wooden discs are from another dismantled necklace and the metal bits from friends.  The star shaped piece is from Sonja in Serbia and the tube from Kaite in Australia. Thanks to both for their contributions!  I used a little bit of needle weaving to attach the other metallic piece to the base.  I think that it worked out very nicely!

I guess if you roll the dice enough, they'll eventually fall on the Number 11!  I cheated and glued them down, but I do like the effect.  In this section, you'll notice more needle weaving and the other part of the "snap" fastener.  I needed a matched set, so it was time to add the other!

A better look at the mystery metal object!  A thrift shop timepiece, with the hands stopped at eleven minutes after eleven.  I would have adjusted the second hand as well, but it just didn't want to co-operate.  Drats!

My visual treat for November!  The "calm before the storm" perhaps.  Who knows what was going on in my mind at the time!  This piece was actually finished in early December, I had taken all the photos, but for some reason, did not get around to posting.  Could it be that my mind was occupied with work, or the holidays, or was I just avoiding the computer.  Only "time will tell" because I certainly won't!

Stacked, bocce/boucle, flower stiches, a strange, almost netting, mixed in with a little needleweaving. Sprinkled about the piece are three little screws from phones I detroyed in earlier months.  Glued down, of course, with E6000!

I have to admit that my December piece is finished as well, but I haven't taken any photos yet.  Perhaps today, or perhaps New Year's Day or perhaps the following weekend.  No rush!  I want to give you time to absorb November, before I introduce you to the hustle and bustle of  December!  Does anyone want to guess my colour scheme?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

bjp 1012 - turning on a dime

October = cooler weather + Canadian Thanksgiving celebrations!

Sure, we had warmer days, but I still needed to prepare for the return of  wet and frosty precipitation and the fall of crisp, colourful leaves.  Not to be tricked by the lingering warmth, the 10th month closed with a chilly, but thankful wish for friends, family, health, the country we live in and national health care.

The "turning on a dime" phrase relates to the nickname for our 10 cent piece (and also for some other events going on in my life).  It's always been called a "dime", but I have absolutely no idea why.  Do you?  If you look closely, you'll notice that I included one from the year 2010 to further continue the theme!  The african paper bead is actually more green than blue, but apparently the camera didn't think so!  You'll also notice a lovely orange bead with spots.  Rain and Marilyn brought it back from Seattle a few years ago and it's been waiting for the right project.  Okay, I had misplaced it, but isn't it interesting that it turned up at just the right time?

For some reason, I had a difficult time trying to figure out what I was going to use for the number "10".  I didn't want to spend a lot of money and I certainly didn't want to use repeat numbers from cell phones.  With a little imagination, I came up with the idea to use metal punches on a little copper disk.  I'm not all that good with the punches, but you get the idea!!  I purchased the punches several years ago and this is the first time I've used them.  Sad, I know!  Do you notice the little striped ceramic piece at the bottom.  It's some type of electrical component that someone gave me (Rain, I think!).

Another one of those electrical components, a buckle from an old watch and a vintage "buckle" button from the stash.

If you were  cleaning out an old jewelry box, do you think that you would find a worn down, old pencil?  Well I did!!  I have no idea why I saved the pencil, or who sharpened and used it all those years ago.  Did it belong to my father, sibling, an old boyfriend, or perhaps it was one used in my high school art class.  It doesn't matter because I obviously saved it for a reason.  Was this bead journal the reason?  Only a psychic would know!!!  Do you know anyone I could ask?  LOL!

Also check out the lovely golden maple leaf.  Another stash item that's been taking up space for many years.  I do love it though and thought one would be appropriate on this piece.  I actually tried to use three of them, but they just didn't work.  Too large, I guess! 

The full piece!  I think that it looks like fall.  Do you?

Did you notice the purchased flower charm (peachy/orange colour, above the copper disk) and the family button box find (tucked behind the eraser)?  Everything goes together if you just hold your tongue in the right position. 

Straight, stacked and boucle/bocce stitches were used. BTW the pencil is a 2H, but I didn't show the number because it didn't fit the theme.  I guess I should have looked for a 10B!  Too bad I didn't think about that until now!  LOL!

My November BJP is also finished.  Yeah!  No photos yet and it's pouring out (I like to take my photos outside) so I'll post about it next weekend.  Keep tuned!