Wednesday, September 8, 2010

beautiful laundrette

This is my response to India Flint's slightly quirky request for a story to go along with the above photo. If you think it reads like a cheap, tacky novel, you are correct! I'm not sure which writer I'm channeling, but they certainly had a lot more fun than I did! LOL!

"After a long afternoon of tawdry love, Curt left, but asked if I would do his laundry before he returned. As I waited for the dryer to finish,I spotted a text from my best friend, Gwen. Guess who she just spotted making out at the pool, with the blond from the next apartment? Bastard! The cute Swedish laundry attendant, Sven was just re-filling his father's vintage chrome lighter. Fabulous! I grabbed the newly dried laundry, batted my eyelashes and asked if I could borrow the pair. A quick exit to the sidewalk, a small squirt, one flick of the shiny lighter and whoooosh, end of another chapter. Concerned that his employer's premises would be damaged and the cops called, my new love thoughtfully provided a bucket of dirty, soapy water to vanquish the flames. We made dinner plans."

Don't forget to visit India's blog to read the rest of the stories. My friend Kaite has one that reads a little like a rap song. She's shameless with her blatant grab for extra brownie points, but it's all in fun!

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kaite said...

hah ha, those beautiful laundrettes are turning up everywhere. cheap trashy novel or not, it had me interested. i like the way we've all got a completely different take on it.
cheers, kaite the shameless one