Sunday, June 19, 2011

what's blooming in Toronto 2

More images from Marilyn and Rain's garden.

The poppies are winding down, so this is was my last chance to catch the elusive sunlit poppies. It's no wonder you see so many of these in paintings. They're just breathtaking!

This clematis had a visitor!!

Living in harmony!

The lupin begins to bloom,

A beautiful new peony and quite long lasting as well.

All the pansy faces, remind me of a conversation grouping. I wonder what they're gossiping about?

This shot of the white rose was taken across the fence in the neighbours garden. I just heard that the lady of the house passed away on Monday, so I'll use this as a memorial. May she rest in peace.


kaiteM said...

Magnificent photos, so clear and your subjects are very well behaved, posing in their very best Sunday clothes. I'd love to visit Marilyn and Rain's garden.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Thanks, Kaite! The divas were behaving yesterday!! Of course, it helped that it was a nice sunny day, with no wind.

You would like their lovely garden and I'm sure that they would love to visit yours as well. But perhaps during our winter and not yours. LOL!

BTW, no need to photoshop when the weather is perfect!! A little selective cropping is all that's required.

Sara said...

Beautiful flowers. Almost makes me want to go dig in the dirt!

aracne said...

Popppies are breathtaking in photograph too! Natura at her best, great pictures.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Thanks Sara and aracne!!! Sara, now don't you go hurting yourself with all that have plenty to keep you busy as it is!