Saturday, March 24, 2012

rock on!

My contribution to the Embellished Rock Swap over at the wildly creative Cloth Paper Studio, Yahoo Group. The swap requirements were simple. Take a 7" square of fabric, use some type of dimensional embellishment and design the piece in such a way that it could eventually be wrapped a rock. I went a little overboard, so the recipient might need to find a small boulder to wrap it around!!!! LOL!

I ruched some yo-yo's (suffolk puffs to our friends across the pond) and added both traditional and slightly distorted embroidery stitches. Included in the mix are feather, french knots, straight, whipped running stitch, detached chain, cretan and whipped wheels (at least that's what I think they're called). A few beads were couched and stitched on, some freeform pin tucks, free motion machine embroidery, a few splashes of paint and I call the piece done. Well not quite finished, because that won't happen until someone finds just the right rock!!!

As usual, this was all done totally intuitively. I started with the silk dupioni background fabric, added the large ruched yo-yo and then just played around with fabric, floss, thread and beads until I was satisfied.

The full piece! I'm hoping the pin tucks will make it easier to wrap around a rock.

Doesn't this tempt you to make one for yourself? The piece isn't actually due until April 30th, but for a change, I've finished something early. It feels good, but doesn't help me with the other piece I need completed by the beginning of April. The muse goes, where the muse wants to go!!!


BCD67 said...

Your stitching is gorgeous!!!That'll make some ooh la la rock. Beryl

kaiteM said...

Your embellished rock cover really rocks! it's wild.
Fabulous stitching and design and i love your choice of neutrals.

deanna7trees said...

love it...especially that ruched yo-yo.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Beryl, Kaite & Deanna, thanks!

Beryl, I do see the french influence, but it's entirely accidental, I assure you!!

Deanna, I had forgotten all about yo-yo's, until I tried to imagine what I would put on the rock. I love ruching, so that was a natural for this piece.

Kaite, I like it too!!! I wasn't really trying for wild, but somehow it just happened. I tried to make it nice and tidy, honest I did. Just not natural for me, I guess. The colour scheme is one of my favourites and I'm happy that I had the silk to back it up.

Judy Ferguson said...

I think what makes the whole thing appealing is the monochromatic textural feel of it. As I looked at the closeups, I saw an underwater influence about it. Line coral and sea creatures. Just another interpretation.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Judy, it wasn't really intended that way, but I started feeling the underwater theme mid-way through the piece. That's probably why I started distorting the stitches for a more watery feel!

Beth said...

Yes, it makes me want one.... even though I don't have any use for a covered ROCK!

Anne Marie - Toronto said...


Sure you do!!! A paperweight or door stop. Or perhaps you could make it a fabricweight to keep all those rampant stash items from flying around the room. Giggle!!

I double dare you to make one!

Rachel Murphree said...

Anne Marie, as always I'm stunned with your work and want every one of your pieces! Love this. thanks for the details too. gorgeous!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Hey, anybody remember when pet rocks were all the rage? Maybe they're coming back but hidden beneath wonderful stitching!!