Sunday, April 15, 2012

bjp 0312 - march in april

March is a celebration of the early signs of spring. There's nothing deep or angst ridden in this BJP, just a love of the colour green. Of course, I mixed in a little purple and a touch of silver, but that was just an easy way to show off the greens. I think the acid green is my absolute favourite!

Hi-lights in this section are the vintage metal button, a green button from the family button box, one of my mother's old screw back earrings and a little bird charm. The teeny little number "3" is from one of my sister's old cell phones.

After the gruelling task of dismantling another cell phone (one of the screws was frozen in place), I discovered this little metal plate. I couldn't let it go to waste!  After all, it had just the right size holes for size 8 seed beads. I think the scratches give it character!

Peyote, back, stacked and boucle/bocce stitches.

Did you notice the hat pin in the lower right hand corner? Another fortunate discovery from my mother's old jewelry box!

Don't you think the earring is the perfect place for that little bird to perch?

Do you remember how uncomfortable those screw back earrings really were?

Now on to April? Do you think I'll get it finished by the end of the month?

Do you think I ask too many questions?  LOL!


Beth said...

Had to look to see the bird.... lots of fun things in these! Waiting to see Aprils.

Mackin-Art said...

Acid green is one of my favorite colors also! I really love all the "found objects" you've included, especially the gridded square from the cell phone.

kaiteM said...

Briliant, in more ways than one! I'm really enjoying your house shape BJPs for this year, love your interpretations of what i like to think are doors, windows and visitors. This colour combo works really well, esp with the silver (?) beads topping off so many of the others.

Anne-Marie said...

Beautiful! You are so full of imagination on how to use found objects! I really like the shape you choose.

Judy Ferguson said...

I will have you know that I still wear those kinds of earrings. Don't have pierced ears. You must be some kind of Wizard who steals cell phone numbers and turns them into beautiful works of art.

Life @ a whisper said...

very the little bird on the pearl earring...and the #3 hiding in the upper right side...very cute...and recycled too!!!

Linda Kittmer said...

It's wonderful Anne Marie! You have so many fun and interesting treasure. I love that square piece from the cell phone. Almost makes me want to take mine apart!

BackstoryBeads said...

Your piece just glows with all those wonderful shades of green. I could study your work for hours....

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Thanks to my regular readers and those wandering over for the very first time. I absolutely love your feedback!

Judy, honest I don't steal cell phones. All the ones I've dismantled, had long useful lives and are quite happy being repurposed!! My sympathy about the screw backs though! I had my ears pierced at around 15 to avoid the torture. LOL!!

Linda, don't take yours apart until you buy a new one. Of course my iPhone is safe, because it's all touch and no numbered buttons.

Kaite, I think that the visitors are whispering about all those phone conversations that are now captured in the piece. Don't you love memories? Also, the "silver" beads are really a metallic purple.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I think this one is my favourite - so far. Such wonderful fun little details everywhere.

Robin said...

A few of the things I love about you:
Your beading.
Your creative use of re-purposed items.
Your sense of humor.
The questions you ask.
Your cell phone parts.
Your bird perch.
Your idea of making house-shaped pieces this year.
The textures you build into your pieces.
Everything else that I didn't mention so far!

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

MA & Robin,

Thanks again!!!

MA - the green ones just pull at my heart strings!! I think it's a love of the great outdoors. Other than that, perhaps the return of the leaves on the trees. LOL!

Robin, Whew! I'm not sure what to say to all that!! All I can say is that I'm honoured to hear you say all of it and I promise to try my best to provide you with more eye candy in the near future. If I try really, really hard, perhaps I can make it into someone's future book??? Mentioning no names, of course!!