Sunday, June 24, 2012

bjp 0612 - royal and rich

Purple is the colour of wealth and royalty!  It's also my older sister's favourite it does have a natural place in my work.  I've twinned the number six this time, with the copper 'ruler' bit from a set of charms gifted by said sister and a black one from an old work calculator that was well past it's prime!!  Silver, copper, light purples and violets were added for contrast.  The lovely art deco silver button is from my vintage collection.  The copper wire 'spring' was hand wrapped by me on a metal mandrel, that had been gifted to me in a beading class. No, I've never held glass to a flame to make beads, but I'm destined to do that one of these days.

I saw an article in the Cloth Paper Scissiors magazine a while back, that showed how to cover old buttons with paper to use in mixed media work.  Well, of course, I had to try it, but instead of using a solid piece of paper, I collaged several bits of Japanese paper I had in my stash.  I used matte acrylic medium for the collage, but modge podge would do as well.  BTW, if you're going to try this at home, remember that the buttons are not washable, so it's really not a good idea to use them on clothes!

The small white piece with the tangle of beads was sent to me all the way from Kaite in Australia!  She found it along the roadside, on one of her many, healthy walks around the neighbourhood!

The copper leaf has been in my stash for a while and the piece underneath it is another of the charms sent by my sister.  I decided to couch the piece on with floss, to add another level of texture.

Not the best photo, but I like the angle and feel that it gives the viewer a completely different perspective on the piece.  Call it my artsy photography attempt!!!

The finished piece!!!  Vintage & family button jar buttons (including the collaged one), hand wrapped copper spring, pearls, bugles, miscellaneous beads, vintage sequin, de-constructed jewelry parts, road 'kill' from Australia & gifted charms.  Stitches include stacked, back, flower, bocce/boucle, couching & a crazy kind of freeform netting.

Do you believe that I'm right on track with the project this year AND that I've completed six months of bead journals?  As usual, I have no idea what I'm going to do for next month, but I want you to know that I do have a couple of numbers up for consideration.  Ahh, you've guessed it!!!  It's the number seven......but I have three or four good ones, so I'll need to hold auditions in the next couple of weeks. Lights, camera, action!!!!!  Oh the suspense...........


Lynn said...

OH my gosh! I love your idea of using the number for the month. The collaged button is so neat!

I'm off to catch up on the rest of your pieces :)

Beth said...

Love this piece... OK I love them all! I am always looking for some numbers for you, but I haven't found one interesting enough yet.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Lynn, thanks and also thanks for visiting. Enjoy your poke around my site!

Beth, I'm glad that you love them, because I do too!! This one wasn't my favourite, but I admit that it's growing on me. I usually fiddle with them until I like them. Thanks for looking for numbers!!! I'm always on the hunt and will accept any and all donations. LOL!

Linda Kittmer said...

Wonderful as always Anne Marie. I'd love to see the whole collection together. HInt, hint!

I love your idea of using the numbers too. Considering I have no numbers in my stash it would be a good challenge. Maybe next year...

Els said...

It looks like a lovely mystery house for a bead-fairy ;-)

kaiteM said...

A fabulous mix of old and new but i specially love the paper covered button, very special. The colour purple theme is very rich and topical too, but where's the diamond (for the jubilee).

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Linda, thanks and great minds think alike! I've already taken photos of the first 6 months and plan on posting them next weekend. Keep tuned! BTW, let me know if you decide to use the numbers next year. I just might be able to send you a few stash enhancers.

Els, thanks and thank you for visiting! Now if you could just get those bead fairies to come and clean up the loose beads, I'd be a very happy person.

Kaite, thanks again and I really didn't think about the jubilee until after the piece was finished. I know,I should have included a diamond, but oh well!! I like the collaged button as well and expect that I will be making more in the future. The fingers get a little sticky, so I don't recommend you make won't like the feeling!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Purple is one of my favourite colours so I definitely like this one! I'm curious - how do you plan to display them in the end?

Judy Ferguson said...

Well I have really enjoyed seeing your monthly challenges. I need to look down at the ground more, I think. I would love to find treasures underfoot. Sort of like a mixed media Sherlock Holmes.

char said...

Your Journal pieces are just so creative and beautiful. I too am curious as to what you are going to do with them in the end. I have yet to "join" any of my past journal pieces, they are still waiting. Have fun and Happy Beading.

Angela Grasse said...

LOVE it!!

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

MA, Judy, Char and Angela, thanks for all the positive comments!

MA & Char, I haven't decided on a final configuration. I've thought about making 3-D boxes out of them and also stringing them in a line and having them mounted in a very long, skinny frame. It may be either or neither. I haven't mounted any of my previous bjp year projects, so I expect the decision won't be made in the very near future.

Judy, you DO need to look down more! There are treasures to be found. As for the "Sherlock Holmes" reference, I like it!!

Robin said...

I'm in love with:
your house shape
your vintage buttons
the collage covered button idea
the texture you build
these rich (and royal) colors
waiting to see the 7s
old numerical keys
everything you bead

Ah...such a pleasure to come here!
xo Robin

BackstoryBeads said...

Your pieces always take me on a magical journey - each photo is an experience to treasure.

Kay Ashworth said...

There is not much I can say that hasn't already been said. Color, texture, and connections to friends and family. This piece has everything. I love it.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Thanks again, to everyone!

Robin, you honour me with your words! I'm glad that you enjoy visiting my blog and my village and you're welcome to come back at any time.

BackstoryBeads (I'm sorry, I really should go back and get your real name, but it's hot and I'm a little lazy today), I love the image of a magical journey and I'm glad that you're enjoying the visit. Perhaps next year I could do a virtual, magical mystery tour!!! Ooops, am I showing my age??

Kay, you've hit the nail on the head!!! The series is all about connections to everything you mentioned, plus the environment. I just love using throwaway objects in my work. It's something that I intend to explore more of in the future.