Sunday, July 8, 2012

images of nature

Very few words, but a little bit of paradise on a grey and cloudy day out in the country.  A garden, home and nursery carved out of nature.

Delphiniums, of course!!! I couldn't get close enough to some of the other colours, to get a good photo.  Rats!! 

A surprise pond!

Crazy Daisy!  Don't you love the name?

I don't know if these are Heliopsis or Helianthus.......they confuse me!  Very tall and prolific with yellow daisy type flowers.  I made the mistake of planting some of these in a city garden once and believe me, it didn't take long for them to outgrow their space.  Good cut flowers though and the bees love them!!

Daylily triplets!  The pink are my favourites!

Every once and a while, you need a trip to the country, just to re-charge the batteries.  I feel refreshed!!


Beth said...

BEAUTIFULLLLLL!!!! the colors are all so vibrant and compelling, especially the green.

kaiteM said...

Heliopsis i think, helio=sun and opsis=appearance of. Helianthus are the sunflowers, they tend to have a larger centre re the overall size of the flower head.

Anyhoo, i love the silly crazy daisies and i think your favourite should be the last one, the red lilly because it's red! What a lovely day you would have had, i'm envious.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Beth, thanks and you'll soon be back to the lush greens in DC so I'll be expecting more of your magnificient North American photography. Not that I've been complaining about your South African work, as you've been taking us on a pretty darned amazing journey!!

Kaite, I think you may be correct, but from what I read (when I received the very small plant)they're actually in the same family and both related to sunflowers. It doesn't matter, because I won't be planting them on the balcony. BTW, the first photo is a closeup of the flowers.

I do like the red lily, but mainly because it's quite unusual and not, surprisingly because it's red. The daisies were very amusing as no two on the plant are ever the same. I understand why they're called "crazy"!! I think they're a type of Shasta Daisy.

It was a lovely day and just what I needed. It's amazing how the quiet of the country, settles the spirit.

Linda Kittmer said...

Those daisies are fabulous and the name is perfect for those fun, curly petals!

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Linda, I agree!!! If I wasn't balcony gardening, I would have picked up a plant. I wanted to, I really, really did!!!