Sunday, December 30, 2012

bjp 1112 - time flies

They say that time flies, when you're having fun!  Well that's certainly been the case with the 2012 BJP.  I've loved every moment of it!  It's a way to relax after a busy day's work and escape from outside distractions.  On top of that, I get to play with sparklies, immerse myself in memories, solve the problem of which numbers to use, search out unusual objects and thank my friends for giving me stuff. What a fabulous leisure activity! 

Does the colour fit the month?  No, but I felt that I needed to work on something light and airy after the visual weight of my October piece.  A rest, perhaps before setting off on a search for my December finale!

Two vintage buttons from the collection, both glass, but one clear and the other silvered metallic. The numbered button from the family button jar, has been collaged with acrylic gloss medium, a torn calendar number and Japanese paper. A coat of Diamond Glaze was added at the end to add some shine.  This part also includes part of an old 'snap' fastener and some bead and chain from a tacky thrift store necklace.

The flat wooden discs are from another dismantled necklace and the metal bits from friends.  The star shaped piece is from Sonja in Serbia and the tube from Kaite in Australia. Thanks to both for their contributions!  I used a little bit of needle weaving to attach the other metallic piece to the base.  I think that it worked out very nicely!

I guess if you roll the dice enough, they'll eventually fall on the Number 11!  I cheated and glued them down, but I do like the effect.  In this section, you'll notice more needle weaving and the other part of the "snap" fastener.  I needed a matched set, so it was time to add the other!

A better look at the mystery metal object!  A thrift shop timepiece, with the hands stopped at eleven minutes after eleven.  I would have adjusted the second hand as well, but it just didn't want to co-operate.  Drats!

My visual treat for November!  The "calm before the storm" perhaps.  Who knows what was going on in my mind at the time!  This piece was actually finished in early December, I had taken all the photos, but for some reason, did not get around to posting.  Could it be that my mind was occupied with work, or the holidays, or was I just avoiding the computer.  Only "time will tell" because I certainly won't!

Stacked, bocce/boucle, flower stiches, a strange, almost netting, mixed in with a little needleweaving. Sprinkled about the piece are three little screws from phones I detroyed in earlier months.  Glued down, of course, with E6000!

I have to admit that my December piece is finished as well, but I haven't taken any photos yet.  Perhaps today, or perhaps New Year's Day or perhaps the following weekend.  No rush!  I want to give you time to absorb November, before I introduce you to the hustle and bustle of  December!  Does anyone want to guess my colour scheme?


Judy Ferguson said...

I would suppose that we will be treated to the color red in your next post. Have you ever considered doing some Steampunk type pieces. I think you would do a great job with it, as you are already so close to that style. Give it some thought.

kaiteM said...

This one is so romantic in appearance and so complex in your arrangement, i have spent quite some "time" absorbing it all. I'm thinking, from memory, it is your best yet but i could be wrong. I love the way you combined all the 11's, and especially how you made that button 11. Well done, a koala stamp for you.

Lins Artyblobs said...

I like the mix of beads and things and the colours you have used.

Linda Kittmer said...

What a beautiful colour palette! It's so cool yet in a warm way...okay, I know that makes no sense, but I love it!

Robin said...

It ALWAYS makes my day when I find you've posted another of your little "houses!" Time Flies is no exception... I love, love, love it!

Beautiful needle-weaving at attach the watch; clever to set the hands at 11:11; beautiful, peaceful colors; fabulous mish-mash of stuff!

A little secret... your beadwork appeals to me more than my own.

Sara said...

This is so beautiful! I'm always in awe of your talent.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Judy, Katie, Lins, Linda, Robin and Sara - thank you for all your kind comments!

Judy, steampunk is something special, but I'm not sure that I would want to limit myself to one particular style. It's an interesting thought though and I may commit myself to making just one piece. Probably jewelry! As for the colour, I'm afraid that it's not red!

Katie, thanks for the koala stamp! I'll treasure it!! I think that this one is special, but I really couldn't choose a favourite if I tried!

Lins, thanks for your comments and for visiting.

Linda, I know what you mean. The cool colour scheme warms my heart right up!!

Robin, awwww shucks!!! Say it ain't so!!! Seriously, your work is beautiful and mine is different. Yours is well thought out and full of meaning, where mine is impulsive and perhaps just a little mischievous! Like me, of course!

Sara, I can hardly wait to see what you come up with this year

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Anne Marie,

Your AWESOME piece remids me of the Ocean! Love the delicate color scheme. What do you use as your base for sewing on the beads?
For your next piece maybe you will be using Red and White.
Hugs and Happy New Year!

Beth said...

It does look light and airy and frothy. December... could it be Red and Green or Gold? Happy New Year!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I have so much enjoyed seeing all your wee houses - it's going to be a sad day when you post the final one! Love how you figured out the '11'. (Happy new year!)

Fibreartist said...

Beautiful work as usual, AM!

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Norma, Beth, MA & Donna,

Thanks for your lovely words!

No red, no white, no green and no gold!!! I'll probably post about my December piece tomorrow, as I've finally taken the photos.

Norma, yes I do use peltex and I cover it with a thin layer of watered down acrylic paint. I also love the ocean, so it's not surprising that my work shows hints of it from time to time.

MA, I'm sad about leaving my little houses behind too, but who knows? They may just show up in some other form a little later.