Saturday, March 2, 2013

a little of this.....a little of that

Not much to show, because I've been deep into my annual, February blahs!  But now it's I'll just need to practice new techniques and start infusing my life with a little more colour and texture.

The braids I'm showing are the result of a 'Braided "Pandora Style" Cord Bracelet' class I took from Angela Peace at BeadFx in Toronto.  I had a hard time getting  my head around the technique, but as soon as it 'clicked' I just couldn't stop!!!  I made two bracelets, plus a practice piece in the class (the red and blue finished bracelets at the front) and I've been just doodling around with the rest.......I've used strips of rattail cording, ultrasuede, real suede, yarn, string, knitting ribbon and even some thin silicone tubing.  My favourites so far are the knitting ribbon and the suede, but I must confess that the round leather cording I purchased last week, is going to be absolutely yummy!.  My next update on this process will be when I finish off a few of the pieces.  Of course, there's far too many for one wrist to wear, so I may need to gift a few.............

By the way, it's a four strand round braid, if you want to look up the process on the internet.  I'm not really sure if that's the official name, but that's what I'm calling it until I hear otherwise.  Come on, all you children of the 50's and 60's......surely you remember doing something like this!!!

The next photo shows the beads I removed from 'The Travelling Bead Box' I'm participating in with my friends over at the BeadDreamz Yahoo Group.  This box is going to travel around the US (and to me as the token Canadian), picking up beads along the way.  I was the first stop, so I didn't want to take too much.  I love the items that I removed and feel that I will probably end up making some type of necklace.  I was at Michaels (big box, craft store), earlier today and spotted the perfect copper chain.  However, did I think that I could use it for said necklace???  No of course not! I picked it up and admired it for a while and then put it back on the rack.  I couldn't see an immediate use for it, so decided not to add it to my stash.  Silly, silly me!!!  Now I'll need to go back to Michaels next week.  With a little luck, the chain will be waiting for me. 

Anyway, I hope that the other participants like the items I included in the box. I included a lot of small bags of beads and treasures, well suited to bead embroidery. Shhh.....I also parted with a very special, alcohol inked and collaged domino. I really do want to see what becomes of that little treasure, so I hope that someone adopts it.  I can hardly wait for the bead box to travel back to me......full and sassy and ripe for the picking!!!!!

On the bead journal project front, I've finished off my 2012 series and made them the focal part of a quilted piece, I've entered in the Grand National. As it's a national juried show, it wouldn't be right to show photos until I find out if the piece has been accepted. BTW, the theme for the show is "Local Colour".

I haven't even started my 2013 BJP.....I will.......but perhaps I'll do another piece first for Threadworks, another national juried show. As this one is a travelling one (across Canada), it could be interesting. The theme is "Water" and I'm already feeling the pull of the waves..........Did I tell you that I love the smell, the feel and the sound of water?


kaiteM said...

Your braids are lovely and photographing them on a clear glass plate is inspirational. Also like the carved bone beads that you chose, i think i've got a necklace of beads like that, i hope they're not ivory.

Beth said...

You have been quiet.... on the blog... but your hand have been busy!!! Can't wait to see what you have done with the BJ13 project... quilt wise!!! I also have some of the carved beads similar to yours, oblong and elephants!!!! I've had them for several decades..... huuummmm someday I'll find a project for them I'm sure.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Kaite and Beth, thanks!

Kaite, the glass bowl is a Swedish one that I just couldn't resist one day, a long, long time ago. It has dots etched on it and it's deep on the back and shallow on the front. I display artificial cherries in it most of the time (good ones, but not too I doubt the beads are ivory. They're very light, so i was thinking a pla,stic or resin of some type.

Beth, i'm betting that yours might be ivory or bone, though. How about a beaded Africa quilt? As for the being quiet, I just haven't had all that much to say. Perhaps it's time for another swap or trade!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I've really never tried braiding - admire it, but haven't tried it. The Travelling Bead Box sounds intriguing - great way to get some stash enhancement!