Saturday, August 31, 2013

swapping paper times three plus a paper bowl

I've been very, very bad for not showing you my last three paper swaps from Brandi in the U.S. and Maria and Ines from Germany. Thank you very much for my goodies! The first set is from Brandi in the U.S.:
The second set was from Maria in Germany:
And the third set, from my bowl making friend, Ines in Germany:
The final photo is a simple bowl I made on a balloon form, out of purple crepe paper and wall paper paste. Of course it looks totally different now, as I've painted the inside and added some simple hand stitches. However, you'll need to wait a bit for those photos as I haven't actually taken them yet. Heh, heh....
I'm very happy to say that I'll be doing yet another of Lawendula's Paper-Swaps at the end of September. I'll hear who I'm swapping with very shortly! On the creative front, I'm still addicted to the bowls, but only have a couple more to show. I've also been playing with paper beads. What have you been up to?


kaiteM said...

You have received some lovely and very interesting and brightly coloured papers. It seems a fun thing to do - posting recycled papers around the world.
Your purple bowl is a beautiful deep purple, when do we get to see the finished article?

Beth said...

There is at least something to show for your silence!!!!! I was beginning to wonder what you were up to. Those bowls really are interesting. I'll be waiting to see them finished...

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You are going to have fun playing with all your new paper inspiration. Wonder if....the paper beads could be stitched to the bowls?

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Kaite, Beth and MA,

Thanks for your comments.

Kaite, the swaps are a lot of fun! I've taken photos of th other bowls and will post in a couple of days.

Beth, I'm here, just had some family visiting and then a couple of weeks of vacation. I'll be back on track soon.


Fun, fun, fun and I already have plans for some of the beads. i've tried to add to one of my bowls already, but didn't like the results on that particular bowl. I'll try again later.

Judy Ferguson said...

I have a stack of papers and various embellishments that are just waiting for my attention. You got so many inspirational swaps to work with. I need to delve into my stash of papers.