Monday, November 25, 2013

what do you do with a paper bead?

Well, make jewelery, of course! I have a tendancy to let my bead rest in a bowl, jar or box, but did need to make some samples for a class I'm going to be teaching at BeadFX, in Toronto. I'm not sure when it will appear on the schedule, but if you're interested, mark January 26th on your calendar (but call in December/January to reserve your space). I've been away from bead stringing for a while, but have been lusting after one or two necklaces that I've seen on the internet (and in the shops). The black/green necklace & bracelet are a study in simple elegance, while the green one with the chain and charms is my first attempt at a funky, mixed media necklace! And then there's the green bracelet. How did that come about? Could there be two sides of me? Shocking, I know, but that's the truth. How else could a creative type like myself work in finance for all those years? As intuitive as I am, that old self still nags me to be a little more organized. Sometimes I listen, and sometimes I don't! The black/green beads called out for the black Swarovski Pearls and silver accent beads (thanks Pam, for helping me with that decision). The chains were re-cycled from thrift or rummage sale finds and the large silver circles were plucked from the stash. The green necklace presented quite a problem. I was initially leaning towards a long string of beads, separated by tarnished brass rounds. I made it and hated it!! Way too much green! Then I had a brainwave and decided to make a charm necklace, using only a few of the beads. I included wire wrapped beads, a tarnished brass spiral, thrift store chain and a resin paper leaf. My wire wrapping is a little rusty, but you get the picture. Rustic and out there! Perhaps a little deranged, but I like it! Then I had another dilemma. The rest of the green beads were sitting on my worktable, giving me the stink eye! Gulp! What to do, what to do? A cuff!!! Of course a cuff was the solution. Luckily, I had just enough beads left. Ladder stitch with Fireline thread, embellished with size 11 seed beads on Nymo. I'm happy and the beads stopped giving me the evil eye!! Whew!!! Take that you greenies! Still a few black/green beads left, so perhaps I should make some earrings. Either that, or another charm necklace. No green beads, but I do have a nice set of denim coloured ones that are just waiting to be dipped in their final coating. Not this week, but perhaps next!
So, what do you think of my latest obsession? Of course, they're not the only things that I've been working on. I finished my latest BJP leaf and have temporarily solved the how to hang dilemma for my dominos. I say "temporarily" because there's definitely more than one way to hang those 'suckas' so keep tuned! Photography of beads on the black background, by Deborah Milton.


Beth said...

Wow... you have been a busy girl.... Now when are you going to wear jewelry? You don't have to get presentable any long, you don't even have to get up!!! Of the 4 I like the green/yellow cuff.

kaiteM said...

So very professional looking, all beautiful but my favourite is the charm necklace, it's a charmer!
Your paper beads blend so well with the other beads that i almost had to look for them.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Thanks to Beth and Kaite!

Beth, do I really need to wear the jewelry? LOL! Not to worry for a while as these ones are class samples so will be at the bead store from now until at least April (two sessions scheduled). Besides there's always gallery openings and lunch out with friends. Long term will be sales, but these are just the beginning.

Kaite, I'm charmed that you think so! I expect that there will be more of these necklaces in the future as I'm really quite fond of the casual effect! As you well know, the beads are a lot of fun and can be whatever you want them to be.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I find it so hard to believe that those beads are made with something so simple as paper, but seeing that you say it is so, I will have to believe you! Wish I lived close enough to take your class.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Thanks, MA!

Only the cylinder beads are made of paper and they've been well varnished to ensure long term wearability. The class is on a Sunday, and BeadFX isn't too far away from Canadian Tire. I'm sure we could figure out how to keep your husband busy for a couple of hours. LOL!