Sunday, March 30, 2014

not just your mama's paper beads?

Who says that paper beads are boring? Why can't we combine junk paper with modern elements? What if we just use recycled materials and then embellish the living daylights out of them? Why not make them into teeny, little art projects? Why do we even need to make jewellery out of them? Why can't we use them as decorative elements in our homes? If we make paper beads out of book text, does that make them part of an altered book? How about using them for toggle closures? What if we mixed our paper beads with other beads? How about combining a text bead with fabric? Does that make it a fabric book? Does painting a paper bead, make it a painting? Why not make them fun, funky, colourful, sophisticated and most of all, fabulous? Come join me at BeadFX on Sunday, April 6th, for my "From Junk to Beads-Making Paper Beads" class. Time: 12 PM to 3 PM. I promise that you won't regret it!
Hmm......looking at the top photo, I realize that I need to add a jolt of colour? Perhaps red, lime, or maybe even yellow? What do you think? My bowl has the start of two necklaces in it, but tell me, what would you make out of paper beads?


Magpie's Mumblings said...

When I see paper beads I usually end up thinking/remembering those door divider 'things' that were so popular back in the day. I think they'd be wonderful in one of those....can you imagine how they'd rustle in the breeze?

kaiteM said...

MaryAnne i have a friend in Sydney who has made a door curtain from hundreds, maybe thousands of paper beads. They were only simple ones though, not beautifully embellished like Anne Marie's.
How about a top-of-doorway hanging, what are they called? so you walk under it but it rustles in the breeze