Sunday, May 22, 2011

adventure on a saturday

Just a few photos from a lovely drive I took with Deborah Milton, yesterday. We dropped off a couple of pieces, for a class we're co-teaching at the Southampton Art School in the summer (more info to follow in the near future). No pretty little sandy beaches here, but instead a wild and wonderful beauty, on the shores of Lake Huron in Ontario. Despite the rather gloomy mood of some of the photos, it was a beautiful day for a three hour drive (each way)! Lucky for us, the art school is within walking distance of the beach.

The beach looks pretty lonely now, but I'm sure it will be packed by the next time we visit!

The gull was scoping out dinner!

I spotted a few blooms.

Dandelions were popping up all over the place but, I didn't expect to see one on the beach!

Spotted along the route. I couldn't resist the big, black crow and the rustic fence, now could I?

Hundreds of these windmills help to power the Toronto area. At least that's what someone told us when we inquired. It's funny to see what looks like hundreds of these, plonked down in the middle of farmer's fields. What the heck are they growing??


Beth said...

Looks like you enjoyed all the components of the day... landscapes, beach and water scapes... and wildlife.

Standing by to see what the workshop.... brings.

kaite said...

A lovely rural day out of the Big City, so refreshing. Hey your windtowers are much smaller than ours - does that mean it's windier there?

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Great photos from a fun trip to the country. I must admit I love the windmills turning gently in the breeze. Very majestic.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Thanks, everyone!

Beth, I did enjoy the day, it was very relaxing and it was a good time to exercise my sadly, neglected camera.

Kaite, I've heard that Australia has a lot more hot air than Canada so they probably need larger ones there. LOL! Seriously though, the photo was taken from quite a distance, so I expect the sizes are pretty much the same.

MA, you'd think that they would look a little out of place in nature, but strangely enough I find them quite facinating. Apparently the country folk are split on the issue. Half are for them and the other half against.

kaite said...

Yes we do get a bit over-heated down here, and those towers would have to be 20km away to be that size here.