Sunday, May 1, 2011

colourful treasures from down under

I received two lovely packages from Australia during the month of April. The first is from my friend Kaite in Bathurst, NSW. I had admired her googlie eyed koala, that was originally destined for a child in New Zealand, so she quickly made another and sent the original to me. Now doesn't that just make me feel special? She also sent some naturally dyed fabrics, a sample of her silk twining, a special little button (a little birdie told me that there were only two in the world) and a teeny sample of waxed irish linen thread. Do you believe that the pink fabrics were dyed with a green avocado? I feel oh so lucky to be the recipient of all this bounty!! Thanks my friend!

Did you notice that the Koala has been tarted up just a little??

The second package was from my new friend, NormaMc in Longwarrin, Victoria who, unfortunately, doesn't have a blog. In 2010, I discovered the wonderful paper swaps hosted by Lawendula. The following photos show the goodies I received from the very special Scavenger Hunt Paper Swap that Norma and I participated in. We tried to be faithful to the swap and had the best intentions, but in reality we both cheated just a little, by leaving out a few things and including some extras (fabric anyone??). It was fun trying to beg, borrow, steal and buy things to include in the package. Norma's to me was Australian themed. Mine to her was an eclectic mix of whatever I was able to throw together. I hope that she enjoys reading the Chinese newspaper that I sent!!! LOL! I think that I also sent a page of something in an arabic type script from a book I purchased in the library garage sale last year.

Included in the package were some very special things:

Some colourful bits and pieces that include some wonderful Japanese paper, a cute little doggie, a hand cut and painted house (and lots of other stuff).

A lovely, felted ATC sprinkled with beads and hand embroidery(does Norma have an embellisher?).

Three pieces of Australian themed fabric. The yellow one is my favourite!

A vintage Christmas postcard with the following written on the back:

"To Martin,

Wishing him a Merry Xmas from his Teacher

Dec, 1912"

I'm soooo in love with this little bit of history!!!

Thanks Norma for a great swap! I hope that you send some photos of my goodies when the envelope finally arrives. I was in such a rush to get it in the mail, that I forgot to take pictures. I'd like to post them on the blog.


kaite said...

You certainly received some very special goodies from Norma, she was generous to share that vintage christmas card.

and it's interesting to see one's own work up on someone else's blog, i'm thinking that google koala needs a necklace or scarf, she seems very bear, woops bare, in that neck area.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

She is a bit brazen! Perhaps she needs a nice filmy scarf to catch the summer breezes!

kaite said...

a really nice person would knit her one from silk embroidery floss, but unhappily i don't know of any really nice such people !

LaWendula said...

Glad you like the swap.
Cheating is no problem, I love when it's played in a free spirit way!
The aborigenie-style kangaroo fabric is very special! Great stuff!

Judys Fiber Art said...

Some really special items, from a really special place, and probably a really special artist.

Jan said...

what a wonderful haul! You made out like a bandit!

Beth said...

I think the fabric is cool too. The bear will be a cute bit of company on some wet rainy day... I love to read the back of vintage postcards...

SueM said...

You are getting to know Australia - isn't Lawendula fabulous organising those swaps! Good to catch up on your blog.