Sunday, October 30, 2011

i'll be there, will you?

Come join us for a fabulous display of traditional and non-traditional quilting and fibre art. I belong to the largest quilt guild in Canada and believe me, this show promises to be spectacular!! Eye candy, shopping, food and demos.....what more could anyone want? Dust off your credit cards and exercise them in our Member's Boutique, Vendor's Mall and Cafe. Remember, these are not just your grandmother's quilts and there's something for everyone!

Unfortunately, my work schedule prevented me from entering any new pieces in the show this year, but I'll be demonstrating bead embroidery techniques at noon on November 12th and plan to have some smaller items available for sale in the Member's Boutique. BTW, it's just a short hop across the border for some of our American neighbours, so living in another country is not really an excuse. Well perhaps for some, but certainly not those in our neighbouring states....LOL!

Alas, no time to make anything new, so unfortunately, nothing in the shop for me this year!! I'm sorry if any of you were hoping to buy a 2011 version of my scarves or postcards. Don't worry, I'll be sure to let you know the next time I have them up for sale.

See you there!!

Photography and graphics by Deborah Milton.


Beth said...

Wish I could... but alas not in a neighboring state... So have a lot of fun and exercise your good Credit!!!

kaiteM said...

Wow, you make it sound so exciting, but for me it would be a long swim. Better start putting on my wetsuit then.
You'll get a lot of participants at your bead embroidery demo, you're so skilled at it.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Beth & Kaite,

South Africa and Australia!! Yeah, I guess you're forgiven if you don't drop by. Too bad it couldn't be a virtual quilt show where all could participate. It wouldn't be quite the same though as photos really don't do fibre justice. There's always that burning temptation to touch, just one time. LOL!

Kaite, thanks for the flattery! Not planned as interactive, but perhaps I could let some of the keener ones play with my beads.

Beth, I'm always happy to exercise my credit!

Linda Kittmer said...

It was great to meet you in person today Anne Marie. I've been looking at the Bead Journal Project website and blogs, etc. and I've decided to join for 2012. Your work was very inspirational! Thanks :o)

Anne Marie - Toronto said...


What a pleasant surprise to meet you too? Was it pure chance, or did read about it on the blog?

Thanks so much for the compliment about my work. When I have time to do it, it's something that totally absorbs me. I'm glad that it's inspired you to join the BJP in 2012. I'm afraid that I'm still on the fence because I still haven't finished 2010!!! Of course the bead doodles are something, but not sure that I intended them for the BJP.