Sunday, November 13, 2011

paper swaps & rummage sales

I'm rather late with posting this, but here are the yummy results of a "Wild at (he)art" paper swap I participated in with Andria from the US (September, 2011). As always, the swaps are hosted by the wonderfully generous and talented LaWendula over at her Paper Swap blog.

I believe that this was Andria's first swap of this type and I'm lucky to have had the chance to share it with her! She's very precise, with her wonderful, colourful cutout images. Her selection was a very nice mix of vintage and contemporary!!! Even the outside of her envelope was collaged! Unfortunately, I didn't think to take a photo, but it might show up later as I plan to keep it for my stash.

Poor Andria! I'm not sure what she thought when she opened my envelope, as my style is quite eclectic! I didn't take photos, of course, but if you rummage around Andria's site, you will see that she did! (but be careful, she's quite prolific in the blogging sense)

I think that I may be forced to start either altering books or journalling in the near future. The paper is getting unruly and is starting to call out for attention!

Another not-so-guilty pleasure, is foraging at church rummage sales for cheap and interesting jewelry bits to use in my bead embroidery projects. I've been sadly lagging behind on my bead journal projects due to work constraints, but I'm definitely feeling the urge to start another one. The first step is the gathering!!!! No, it doesn't mean that I will actually use any of this in my next BJP, but at least I'll have it on hand when I'm ready to for it. The necklaces will be taken apart for the stash (except perhaps the one with the big, black beads). What I neglected to photograph, was a rather a large strand of dark green fresh water pearls (dyed, of course). The matching pink strand was snapped up by the lady in front of me. Sigh!

Oh, I forgot to mention the two little dishes. The smaller one is a Minton and the larger, Royal Doulton. I just couldn't resist!


Beth said...

Glad to see that you are getting some creativity in, even if its just preperation!

kaiteM said...

the paper swap looked productive but my real interest was in your rummage sale produce, i'm seriously thinking of flying up there just to rummage.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Beth, most of the creativity is in my mind right now. I hope to be able to break out of the work imposed rut soon!!


LOL! It was a pretty upperclass neighbourhood, so the tut was pretty good. I could easily have purchased more but Ihad to limit myself to the cash I had in my purse. All that loot in under an hour. Heaven!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Rummage sales can be a goldmine of treasures - I ended up missing one of our good local ones and now I'm wondering what I missed!

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

MA, I know what you mean! This is the first time I've visited this particular one and now I've marked it in my calendar for next year.