Friday, May 18, 2012

gifts from the garden

A few gifts from Marilyn and Rain's garden.  Above, a magnificient pink tree peony!  So elegant floating in my crystal bowl.

Next, a detail shot of a lovely white bleeding heart.

Elegant in a simple pottery vase!

A few sprigs of Lily of The Valley.......oh, so sweetly scented!!!!  It was my mother's favourite flower.  Okay she loved pink carnations as well, but who's telling?

The perfect flower for my Wedgewood vase. Don't you just love the simple black/white combination?  The vase was given to me by a friend for my 21st birthday.  Isn't it amazing that it's survived for oh so many years?

Please excuse the various dings in the medium grey backdrop.  I think it's time to go shopping!!!!


kaiteM said...

Beautiful beautiful flowers, i want to visit that garden.

Linda Kittmer said...

So beautiful. The white bleeding hearts are so elegant! Lily of the Valley is a favourite for my mom and me as well. I have them in my garden and I just love their fragrance!

Beth said...

Great flowers.... When you go shopping are you going to buy a new wall (dings and dents) or paint (medium gray)?

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Kaite, Beth and Linda, thanks!
I do love my flowers, but with the exception of the bleeding hearts, they're now on their way to the landfill. It's a shame that cut flowers are so short lived.

Beth, The grey is actually a piece of foamcore. White on one side and grey on the other. I like the colour and the nice, smooth surface. Sure hope that I can find another one! Otherwise I may need to resort to painting a wall. LOL!

HollyM said...

I love the bleeding hearts in the white vase and the lily of the valley in the black vase. I get lots of that, now I'll have to look for another vase!