Saturday, May 19, 2012

swap results

I've been swapping again!!!  Isn't that naughty?  Instead of working on some serious art pieces, I've been playing with my internet friends.  Too bad, I say!!  Sometimes a girl just needs to have  fun!

My sunny cloth, is a lovely bead embroidered piece that I received from Dr. Amy over at the Cloth Paper Studio (CPS) Yahoo Group.  It was for their "Embellished Rock" swap!  No, we didn't swap rocks, but I do need to find a nice one  to wrap with this serene piece of sunshine.  Of course, it's particularly approprite for me, as I was born under the sun sign of Leo! Nothing serene about this cat though, but perhaps the piece will help to encourage a calmer outlook!

Now on to my paper swap!  Well, actually it appears to be a paper and fabric swap from Beth R. in South Africa.  Thanks again Beth, for an interesting array of items.  I'm not sure where they'll end up, but I assure you that they are a welcome addition to my stash!

The African fabrics are just lovely! I believe some, if not all of them are called Shweshwe fabric.  I'm sure that Beth (or my sparkly friend, Beth in Pretoria) will be able to tell us when she reads the post.


One of my favourite items is this ink and bleach piece that was made by one of Beth's students many years ago.  The writing on the back, indicates that it was made by Suiyen S., Gr. 9.  According to Beth, Suiyen is now married!!  It was apparently made by coating paper with ink (Quink ink, I believe) and then removing the ink with bleach (using a Q-tip or brush).  I'm not sure if we can get that type of ink over here, but I assure you that I will be looking for it.

I truly appreciate it when people send stamps!  I haven't done much with them lately, but the images on those little pieces of paper are amazing!

These paper swaps are fun and everyone is welcome.  Instructions for joining can be found at the Paper Swap blog.  It's the brainchild of LaWendula in Germany.

Thanks to both Beth and Dr. Amy for a couple of very successful swaps!

Stay tuned, because I have two more swaps in the wind!  I just mailed my "By The Numbers"  ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) and "Four Fabric Flowers" swaps.  I'll post after the swap hostesses have received them.

It's a statutory holiday up here in Canada, so I'm aiming for a very creative weekend. 

Happy arting everyone!


kaiteM said...

A wondrous bunch of swap items, i think i'll pop on over and rummage thru them, hah ha!

Beth said...

Yes I'd like a chance to play with the fabrics, especially the "inked" one!!!! The 2 darker are Shweshwe, the green- I'm not sure about. Does it feel the same? Smell the same? Is it solid (nearly) on the reverse?

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Kaite, there's plenty of stash to play with. Come on up!!

Beth, the "inked" one is actually on paper so doesn't really get included in the mystery. Only Beth R. can really tell us about the fabrics, because she sent them.

Betsy said...

I just love all your work! So much cool stuff to look at.