Monday, December 16, 2013

paper, paper, fabulous paper

A class made in heaven! Aimee Lee's "Exploration in Eastern Papermaking" workshop, sponsored by CBBAG (pronounced CABBAGE)(Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artist's Guild) and held at the Paperhouse Studio, Toronto. I made new friends, learned new skills, worked hard, had a blast, fell in love with Hanji and found something else to spend my money on. Perfect!! I'm not going to say much more, but instead will let the photos do the talking. A selection of items I either made or manipulated/worked on in the class (except for my bead embroidered leaf that I was using as a weight on my red/orange Joomchi piece).
A few shots of Aimee, students and the process:
Whoo, hoo......some of Aimee's class samples:
The little blue/green/white paper bowl shown in the first and last photos, in this section, is one of mine, given to Aimee as a thank you. I'm honoured that she included them with her samples, despite the fact that the glue used (wallpaper paste) was a commercial product. Gulp! You'll be seeing more paper from me in the future. Perhaps not handmade, but definitely hand manipulated. I'm having serious dreams about the whole Joomchi (paper felting and manipulation) process. I believe that another obsession has been born!!! Do you suppose someone could hold a shower for me?? All donations accepted. LOL!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Anne Marie, you really have gone full blown 3-D! Looks like a great workshop experience.
Diane said...

Wow.... that looks so cool!!! Waiting to see more!

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Diane and Beth, thanks!

Diane, nice to hear from you stranger!! It's amazing what I get up to when I'm left to my own devices. LOL! It was a fabulous experience, with not a stitch in sight!

Beth, more will come when I figure out how to get the paper. You need the good quality hanji for the felting process. I may need to substitute Japanese Kozo paper, as that's what is most available locally. Of course, you know that I won't be able to resist experimenting with other types. Sigh! It's a curse!!

Rachel Murphree said...

Anne Marie, I'm so excited for you to have another creative outlet and will eagerly await to see what you come up with!

I hope you have a lovely Christmas season and that you get to visit family and loved ones.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Hi Rachel! I'm not sure that I really need another creative outlet, but this one is exciting, for sure! I'm looking forward to new adventures next year.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm really intrigued with the sixth picture (I think it's a bowl?). It looks so incredible - can't believe it can hold that shape. I can see why you would easily become obsessed!

Robin said...

Be still my heart... I wish I could have been there! Your stack of papers, the top photo, is awesome!