Saturday, April 3, 2010

February 2010 BJP AMD - Part 2

I didn't have enough raspberry beads, so decided to drive to That Bead Lady in Newmarket, to pick up a few pretties. Excited with my finds and $51 poorer, I rushed home to start work (well, I DID need a few more green ones). To celebrate my purchases, I took a short walk to free the muse. Looking down, I spotted a rusty bottlecap. Well......I thought.....there is a little bit of red in the landscape.....the cap is perfectly flat......I'll coat it with acrylic medium (front & back) and bezel it with peyote! Yes! It's perfect!!! Hmmm, can you can see the tone this piece is taking? More recycling with found objects and stash items. Did you spot the zipper bordering the sides of the landscape? Another gifted item from my artistic friend Cheryl. Thanks again, I think!

Okay! I admit it! I'm a trash and stash slut and proud of it!!!


Fibreartist said...

Thanks for pointing out the recycled items! I am a strash and eco slut too!

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Yeah, I figured that out with the Bare Naked Postcard series.