Saturday, January 22, 2011

thank you, thank you very much....

My friend Beth made some very complimentary comments about my work (blush) when she passed on the:

This Award is bestowed upon blogs that could use a boost in followers… (should have less than 300 followers) and like Beth, I definitely qualify there! The awarded blog then nominates 3-5 other blogs that could also use a boost in readership. My nominees for this award are as follows:

1. Penny from Tanglewood Threads for being my mentor in my early fibre art days, for her friendship, support and also for her amazing and artistic fibre and photography work. Penny is quite new to the blogging world, but is quickly making up for lost time.

2. Rachel from Rachel's Art Spirals is quite the busy and eclectic artist. She's a Mom by day and yet manages to get in as much art as she can in her free time. She beads, stitches, draws, paints and is one of the list mom's of the Cloth Paper Studios Yahoo group. This is a group I highly recommend for it's gentle, nurturing nature and safe, creative mixed media swaps. I have no idea how many followers Rachel has as it's not listed on her site. However, I'm nominating her anyway.

3. Mary Anne from Magpies Mumblings for her sunny disposition, eternal optimism and clever use of as many mediums as possible. MA has a generous spirit and a real passion for Crazy Quilting.

Now I could go on and on to nominate a few more friends, but I'll leave room for the others to pass on awards.

Please be sure to visit Beth's blog and wander about for a bit. Beth was originally from Chicago, but has recently relocated (with her husband) to South Africa. Her wildlife photography is amazing!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh my - now I'm blushing and scruffing my feet and saying 'aw shucks' after I read the nice things you've said about me. Hope you don't mind if I print it out in BIG letters and put it on my fridge to remind DH about what a wonderful person I am!! I have to pass it along and I suppose now I will have to figure out how to copy that button onto my blog!! Seriously - thank you so much for thinking of me - I am truly honoured.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

ps...being on the same page with Penny definitely means a lot!!

Sue M said...

I'm with you Magpie Mumblings - in trying to figure out buttons on the side bar - but CONGRATULATIONS! I'll come and visit these new blogs. thanks for highlighting them.

aracne said...

Congratulations, Anne Marie, I have been following you only for a short time, but I like what you do and I think that you fully deserve this award.

faerwillow said...

~good morning my dear friend and congrats on your award and those you have passed it along too...i look forward to visiting each here in a has been nothing but sheer joy having been paired with you for the paperswap...a blessings that gifted me with coming across such a unique talented one...i wish for you many many more to come share in your days...i have not forgotten about your swap either...finally got my photo storage problem fixed and will be posting tomorrow about the gorgeous bits and pieces you had sent forth...i hope all is well and yours days are being kind to you...much love light and blessings~

Barbara said...

What a wonderful award! and I do look forward to reading your awarded blogs. I am fairly new to your blog and I really have been enjoying visiting.
Very best wishes,

Jan said...

Congratulations on your award. It is good for you to get a wider audience/readership, you do such beautiful work. I shall have to check your nominees now.

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Hi,I am here via enchanted virtual blog girlfriend''serendipity'':-)*

Just unbeliveble talented work and brilliant Fantasy world is here by you!!!



Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Thanks everyone and welcome to my new followers!

MA - Did you post it on your fridge? LOL!