Saturday, January 8, 2011

there's something about the light

Looking through an icicle that had formed on the outside of the window. I wonder who made all the footsteps?

Remember all that rain? Well, this was the view from my bedroom window when I got up this morning. Snow muffles sound and sleep is so much sweeter! My intent was to rush out to Michaels to buy some art supplies. Needless to say, I changed my mind! Isn't it amazing how quickly priorities change? Of course, being Toronto, the streets are fine and driving is not an issue. I think that I'll stay out of trouble, just the same.

Now how did THAT get in there? The start of my July, 2010 Bead Journal Project piece. Yes, I'm late and it's going to be green!!! Well, green and some other colours which will remain a secret until I get further along (read that to mean, finished). I'll start beading the bezel on the focal point today.

BTW, this is the acrylic painted, peltex substrate.

Have a creative week!


kaite said...

the snow looks so gentle, like batting laid over everything.
goody, now you can have an excuse to wear your new mobius.
enjoy your weekend, k.

Carol said...

Good day to stay in!
We got 23 inches today, but were out doing this and that..nuts!

aracne said...

I remember the snow in Toronto, where I spent 2 months before Christmas some 30 and more years ago, learning English and bringing back sweet memories....

Beth said...

All the footprints are from the bunnies living under the evergreens.

Stay inside and stay warm.

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

There is something about the light on a snowy day, isn't there? Great photos. Glad to hear you are just starting your July 2010 Bead Journal Project, now I don't feel so far behind! :)

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

They're threatening 10-12cm tonight with more coming on the weekend. Ahhhh, winter is here!!!

Beth, I think that they might be very large bunnies (people), plus some dogs a the pesky squirrels. The shrub is a haven to many small birds.

Cyn, I'm moving right along on July. I'm not sure how much journalling is being done, but I'm glad to finally be getting back to my BJP.

Aracne, I'm glad to bring you some memories. But, would you like me to send snow as well??

Kaite I think I responded to you off-line and Carol, I'm sure you probably have more snow that we do. Isn't winter just the best? NOT!!

arlee said...

You're getting more snow than Calgary==thanks :)