Wednesday, October 2, 2013

gelli printing and paper beads

What a fun week! I'm taking an on-line Gelli Printing class from Carla Sonheim (of Silly Class fame. If you haven't taken one of her classes before, I highly recommend them. The class runs all week and we have three video sessions and two blog chats. I'm going to show you the photos from Day 1 to start and I'll follow it up with a couple more posts as the prints progress. We started out with 8 separate prints and I confess, mine are quite dark. I'm not sure if that was my mood, or just the colours I selected to work with. There's definitely more work to be done, so I'll just show the photos, which are two to a page due to restrictions on the GP Flicker site (sorry, I tried to provide a link, but it didn't work). Honest, some people used brighter colours!
I've also been working on paper beads. The first set (the ones in the photo)already have a home, but I will definitely be making more soon. I'm thinking of setting up either an Etsy or Big Cartel shop to sell some bits and pieces. I'm not sure when, but I am trying to come up with interesting small items. More about this later.


kaiteM said...

I love dark moody colours so your gelli prints resonate with me. Such fun, what a great way to spend a week.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Looks like you've been having fun! It's a good thing not everyone likes the same colours or the world would be VERY uninteresting.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Thanks Kaite & MA!

I do lean toward greyed down colours, but these are a real exercise in mixing colours for me. I do like them, but I think I'll try to make my next set next set a little lighter and brighter.